Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Black Jack!

A visual comparison between different editions of Black Jack. With terrible quality photographs! (Click for bigger versions, or go to the flickr page.

First up a page from the Viz version of Black Jack:

Now the same page from the Vertical version (please excuse the terrible quality of this image):

And now, a photo of a postcard showing Tezuka's original art from the same page:

Check out those corrections! And the amount of detail totally lost in the Viz version.
I went back and forth on which translation I preferred, but the lettering on that page of the Vertical one is waaaay better.

Also of interest here are a couple of other pages (without Tezuka originals).



What you should be able to notice here, despite the terrible image quality, is the large amount of gray shading in the Viz edition that isn't evident at all in the Vertical edition, leading me to assume the Viz version was printed from a colourized version. Ooooh.

And speaking of colour Tezuka, I recently got an awesome set of postcards reprinting covers to a bunch of his early work. Here's a bit of a preview, I'll try and post more later.

Oh Tezuka!

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