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2000AD prog 1654

Oooh, a review of last week's issue of 2000ad, exactly what you want to read. Especially since if you really wanted to read one, you'd probably have gone to this site.

But, no matter, here it is anyway. Mostly because I was so excited to buy an issue of this off the news-stand, something I had never done before in my times visiting/living in the UK/Ireland. (Which is where I currently am.)

For those that don't know, 2000ad is a weekly sci-fi anthology comic that has been published in England forever and ever and ever. It's on issue 1654, I can't even understand that.

Judge Dredd: Tour of Duty part 5
Dredd is in the Cursed Earth doing some prison thing. It's written by John Wagner, so even before reading, you know it's more than likely going to be good, as he's one of the people who created Dredd and has been writing him since issue two or whenever Dredd first appeared. There's some weird caption stuff going on here, where it seems like it sh/could be internal narration/a character thinking. But than later on the captions refer to that character in the third person. So I dunno.
And yeah, it's pretty good. Probably the best thing in the issue. The art by Colin MacNeil is pretty good. I like the robot dressed in Judge gear, though I wish we'd gotten to see a full body shot.

Kingdom: Call of the Wild part 5
This one didn't really do much for me. The main character seems to be mentally delayed in some way. He always speaks in terrible English, and doesn't seem to understand things. Not really a character I want to read about. The character I would like to read more about is the human character who's apparently been held hostage by some mutant people things for two years. Or the other mutants, even if some of them look like Tank Girl kangaroo people.

Strontium Dog: The Mork Whisperer part 4
Strontium Dog is another of the comics that has been in 2000ad forever. It hasn't been in every issue (I think Dredd has), but it's there fairly frequently. It's about a mutant bounty hunter travelling the galaxy, and while I probably should like it, I don't really get the appeal to be honest. It's alright, but I didn't really dig the art (or maybe just the colouring). I mean, it is drawn by Carlos Ezquerra, who's stuff I usually enjoy.
I think Johnny Alpha (the main character) looks like Jesse Custer from Preacher without his armour on.

Shakara: Destroyer part 5

Wow, now this has nice art. Or at least this first floating thing is.

(Yes, I have access to a scanner now.)

The other character designs don't do much for me. And the comic doesn't do much to explain why Robbie Morrison has multiple strips in this issue and is fairly well known as a 2000ad writer. His run on the Authority was super horrible. It's just a big robot fight scene! With teknosaurs! I do not know why I don't like it.

Nikolai Dante: Lulu's War part 4
This is Robbie Morrison's better known comic in 2000ad, and it's actually good. The so called lead "Nikolai Dante" doesn't actually show up, but I have no idea who that is so it doesn't matter. This comic is set in some weird future version of Russia with tsars and the like? I think. I am not sure.
This is good though. Vampires, corrupt aristocrats, some woman who seems to have magical powers with insects for blood or something. I would read more of this. Too bad this is the last part!

Overall? It was alright. I only really liked two of the stories, and the Nikolai Dante one is going to be in the next issue. I think I will wait for one of those periodic issues where every story is a part one before I pick this up again.

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