Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Tangent comics

Back when these first came (1997) out I was strictly a Marvel Zombie. Oh, and some Wildstorm/Image books. But I guess that there wasn't much out the week these came out. Or just the differentness of the Tangent covers made me pick up a couple of them (The Joker, which was really good, and Secret Six, which was okay).

(And those covers were so good! So different! White space! Weirdness! Designed by Rian Hughes! And shit, check out all those other logos he's done. And alternative logos he designed that were never used!)

I've read most of the others over the years, which have gone from awesome (John Ostrander's Nightwing) to, uhm, not so awesome. I read...maybe half of that 12 part series that came out last year, but didn't really dig it.

Doom Patrol

I like the idea that this is a basically a doomsday cult that knows the earth is going to end. As they saw it happen before traveling back in time. Overall the comic isn't that great though. The future isn't that interesting. The character designs (and the characters themselves) are kind of blah. And I dunno. It just doesn't do much for me.

Tales of the Green Lantern

I really find it hard to care about Green Lantern and Blackest Night and everything when the main character is Hal Jordan, who I find to be incredibly boring. Even typing this sentence is making me sleepy. The Tangent Green Lantern, however, is one I really wish there were more comics about. The original Tangent GL one shot featured JH Williams III art (yay!) in a variety of styles in an anthology of stories about people wronged and killed. GL acted as a narrator/facilitator and helped the spirits get revenge. It was good. This one doesn't feature as much art by Williams, but it does feature a trio of stories that could all, maybe, be the origin of this Green Lantern. I really want more. It's basically just an updating of House of Mystery or whatever (complete with "host"), but it's really good.

Sea Devils
You know, I think I've read this one before. Or maybe it just seems so boring because all undersea city comics are the same and I just don't care. Oh no, the humans have done something, oh no, a giant monster is attacking, oh no, I don't want the job my father has. It just seems really cliched and blah. I liked the cameo by the Joker though.

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