Monday, October 12, 2009


Old New Warriors

New Warriors #1
By Fabian Nicieza and Mark Bagley

Wow, part of me can't believe this comic is so old. 19 years! Holy crap! That is probably older than some of these characters are meant to be.

Um, so yeah. It's a Marvel superhero team comic. It does what it does pretty well, introduces the characters, makes me wonder why Kid Nova (when did he start/stop using "kid"?) has such a terrible costume, why anyone knows who Namorita is, and who the hell invented Night Thrasher. Why the hell does this rich guy with computers and a suit of armour ride a skateboard?

(In related news, go read about Dwayne McDuffie's pitch for Teenage Negro Ninja Thrashers.)

I actually don't know much about these characters, but this series is supposed to be pretty good. This issue didn't blow me away, but I'm willing to check out further issues in quarter bins in the future...

Other things I read recently that I barely remember.

Bloody Mary #1
Garth Ennis. Carlos Ezquerra.

Oh man. Helix. Remember that? No? Well I don't either. It was a sci-fi imprint that from DC that crashed and burned pretty fast (like pretty much every imprint that just starts one day). I think Transmetropolitan was the only thing that made it out alive (transferred to Vertigo) and I don't know if anything else is even in print right now.

(I just looked it up on Wikipedia, and woah. It lasted over two years? That makes all of DC's more recent imprints that have died in less than a year (Focus, Minx, something else I'm sure I've forgotten) look like even bigger failures.)

Anyway, this is really just Garth Ennis war comics in the future. It's pretty good. I'm surprised there isn't a trade of it out. Oh wait, apparently Vertigo put one out like four years ago. Why didn't the comic shop I work in have that? I guess nobody remembers Helix.

Some Batman comic with Anarky
Just. Argh. No.

Some of those end of the world Wildstorm comics: I do not remember which ones.
Hey, these were pretty good (as usual). Though the art in the Gen13 interlude issue (by Dan Hipp) was definitely not as good as the work the regular artist Mike Huddleston was doing. It's not bad or anything, just probably not what superhero comic fans actually want to see.

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