Thursday, September 17, 2009


Girls girls girls

Anima #0

I had heard some good things about this series on the internet recently. And foolishly thought maybe this would be a good issue to start on, as I clearly have no idea what Zero Hour was. It doesn't really make much sense, and it seems to be all about revealing characters' mysterious backstories and giving answers to readers. But I have no idea what the questions even were.

Bad Girls #1

This has a really nice Darwyn Cooke cover. Then the art inside is nothing like it at all. Not that the art is bad, in fact I quite like Jennifer Graves work here, it looks like somebody...good...

The story is nothing new. New girl in school. Nerdy boy. Bitchy girls. Superpowers. Etc. It's done better than some I've read. But I'm not in high school anymore, plus my high school was never like that anyway.

Girlfrenzy! JLA: Tomorrow Woman
I think I read the JLA comic this is spinning out of, but I reallllly don't remember it. Thankfully, enough information is given in this comic to let me understand what's going on. The story is kind of dumb, but given it has to take place during JLA #5 I can forgive that.

I do like Tomorrow Woman's costume though.

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