Saturday, September 19, 2009


DC annual things

Justice League Quarterly #4

Okay, I guess this isn't actually an annual, as they came out four times a year (presumably?) but it's thick and has lots of comics. I've liked what I've read of JLE/I, so hoped this would be decent.

The opening story with the Injustice League is okay, but it's kind of clear I'm missing the joke. Oh look! Cluemaster.

The second story is better, but yeah, Guy Gardner is a jerk. I don't really want to read comics about him. I liked the way the demon was defeated. Talking!

Finally there are 12 (!) pages of a scrawny, gross cat doing scrawny gross cat things to various Justice League members. I find it kind of crazy that DC published something like that. But it was fun enough, and the last panel explaining why the cat was there was funny.

Justice League America Annual 8

Ooooh, an Elseworlds. They don't make these anymore. Though perhaps making _every_ annual you published an Elseworlds one year was kind of overkill. The main story in this annual has (shock!) a post apocalyptic future were everyone has died, but heroes who are just like the JLA will team up and win the day, blah blah blah. This was better than the Elseworlds: Superman annual I read. Which had something about aliens invading earth and slavery, etc. I hope someone did an Elseworlds were it was just a romantic comedy featuring Wally West (or someone) who is not the Flash at all.

There is one good thing to this annual: the Evan Dorkin backup strip. Featuring the JLA doing nothing, while the O Squad (featuring Amazo, Chemo, Despero, Sinestro, Kanjar Ro, Staro, and so forth) team up and fail to fight the Justice League. Evan Dorkin is good. The signatures of the villains are pretty awesome. This site is posting lots of Dorkin's old comic strips.

Teen Titans Lost Annual

Woah, something new? This only came out last year! And yet I can still buy it from a quarter bin. Fantastic.

This was, I believe, Bob Haney's final comic, and I really have to wonder if he meant for it to be so bizarre, or if penciller Jay Stephens made the villains extra ridiculous on purpose. I mean, the story is crazy enough with JFK being abducted by aliens, but making those aliens mods who are fighting another race of aliens who are hippies is kind of crazy. And Aquaboy is completely useless! So useless he doesn't even bother going to the alien planet with the other Titans. Amazing!

The art is totally good too. I get a Jack Kirby vibe from it, but also a bit of Paul Pope. Anyway, it's good. I am curious as to what the pencils looked like before Mike Allred (the inker) got to them though.

And that final page is pretty awesome. JFK in space!

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