Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Action Comics Weekly 603

Oh hey, since Wednesday Comics, DC's most recent weekly anthology series is coming out (and almost over), lets go back and look at another time they tried this.

This is the third issue from this experiment, which only lasted 42 issues (it must have sold terribly!), and features Kyle Baker drawing a flying dude, Deadman, Superman, Hal Jordan as Green Lantern, and... Hey, this sounds familiar. Okay, so I'm over exaggerating the similarities. Kyle Baker drew Blackhawk, and he only drew the cover. But now, onto the inside!

Green Lantern

The Green Lantern story is fairly crap, but about halfway through I realized it had pretty good art. Gil Kane isn't someone I've ever really noticed before, probably because...I don't really have an excuse. He is oooollllddd. I started reading comics during the '90s. So yeah. His art in this is good though, after I finished reading the comic, I went back and just looked at the art, ignoring the words, and had a much more enjoyable experience.

If I had a scanner there would now be a picture of Hal Jordan bitch slapping Star Sapphire.

Secret Six!

Oh, this is terrible. Just stupid and I don't know what is going on at all. The 12 year old wunderkind scientist they're going after looks like Kim Jong Il.

The curent Secret Six series is a million times better.


So I was at my friend's house last month, and saw she had some issues of a Deadman series from a few years ago. I read issue two, with the intention of reading more, but it was too bad. Just stupid crap I didn't care about at all, wrapped inside really nice Mike Mignola covers

This story is better. I like the ancient Mayan god dude, though it's a bit too "hey brown person, your gods were lies". Then there's some alien stuff and I wonder why everyone seems to think that South Americans needed mystical help to build shit.


Only two pages! Apparently supposed to look like the newspaper strips. It's fairly good. Stuff happens. But why didn't Superman just move the guy out of the way of the train instead of trashing the tracks?

Wild Dog

I like Wild Dog's logo font. The two (!) pages of letters from people writing in to say how awesome the Wild Dog miniseries was and how there should be more comics about people shooting terrorists is kind of frightening. The comic itself is not as bad as I had first though after it's opening lines ("What in the Hell...Was that a sonic boom?" "No..That was an explosion... Nearby!"). I'm not convinced to pick up that miniseries from quarter bins yet.


Oh hey, this was good. Blackhawk is hanging out after WWII and needs stuff to do. Stuff that involves sexy dames and flying planes. I would read more of this one.

An ad for TailgunnerJo

This series sounds messed up. Is it any good? Did I once read issue one? I do not recall...

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