Sunday, March 15, 2009


Batman: War Crimes

Unlike yesterday's Scarecrow Tales, this is exactly the type of terrible Batman comic I don't understand the point of.

To begin with there's an incredibly long recap of the huge crossover that came before it that opens with "The worst case scenario has come to pass." What is the worst case scenario for Gotham City? Gang wars. Seriously? In gotham? This is a city that had a major earthquake and was disowned by America. Gang wars probably happen every day!

Anyway, this is all fallout over girl Robin/Spoiler/Stephanie Brown dying. Despite everyone elses reasons being valid, I think one of the reasons I was frustrated by DC Doing that was that one of the Batman comics I owned as a kid (and I believe one of the first comics I owned at all) was the first appearnce of Spoiler. Hurray! Not that I have it now or anything, but yeah, go Spoiler. I liked that she was kind if incompetent. I'm sure there're loads of kids running around Gotham doing the same thing. Well, depending on whether Batman is on TV leading the Justice League or if he's just an urban legend.

But yeah, this really just seems to be a bunch of people running around and acting incredibly out of character. In a story that's already (thankfully) been retconned, there's really no reason to read it at all.

The arts okay (though whoever drew part 2 draws the worst Bruce Wayne I think I have ever seen, I don't know who it is because DC can't be bothered putting in proper credits), and I like Black Mask as a bad guy, but like, blah.

One thing I sort of wish would happen (but know never will) is for current Robin Tim Drake to just stop being Robin. He's said he doesn't want to be Batman, and he's had so many people in his life killed because he's Robin, so I kind of wish he'd just stop. I know he won't (because comics are comics), but girl Robin seemed like it would have been a good way to continue having a Robin without Tim.


In other not good comics news, Exiles gets pretty terrible once Chris Claremont starts writing it. Sure it wasn't amazing or anything before, but it was worth checking out in libraries and stuff. But it was all downhill once Claremont came on board. Why did you have to ruin Spider-Man 2099? I love that character! I still have all my Spider-Man 2099 comics.

I still like old Claremont comics. And I still have his run on Excalibur. I should probably reread those at some point.


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