Friday, February 13, 2009


Future vampire

Movies I have seen (not so) recently

Back to the Future
So, to make this vaguely comic book related, the co-writer of this movie was Bob Gale, who has written a number of not very well received comics. I remember his Daredevil run being pretty bad.

So yeah, Back to the Future. It's regarded as a super amazing sci fi comedy, it's okay.

Michael J. Fox travels back in time to when his parents were kids. Oh no! He's messed up the timeline, he has to fix it before he can go home.

I guess seeing this when I'm 25, instead of like 10, probably doesn't help that much. Perhaps what really hurt this film is that I generally only watch terrible movies in which people shoot each other because of some cyber based thing. And this had none of that! Hell, there's decidedly little tech in this at all, since once Fox travels back in time he spends most his time interacting with high school students, while the time machine is fixed by the professor character off screen.

Parts of it were decent, but iunno, I guess it didn't appeal to me that much. I doubt I'll watch the sequels.

Shadow of the Vampire

This is one of those films I'd wanted to see since it first came out, but just never got around to it.

It's based around the idea that the actor who played Count Orlok in the 1920s German film Nosferatu, is in fact a vampire.

I saw Nosferatu (and the '70s remake) in a German film course in university, hell, I probably wrote essays on it. Though that doesn't mean I remember much of it. I do remember some of the scenes that were in this movie, so I guess that's good?

While I think the idea for this film is amazing, the actual end product kind of disapoints me. It doesn't seem to know if it's being a comedy or a sort of horrific drama or what. The characters just seem to wander around and interact occasionally, doing things for reasons that weren't revealed to the audience. Maybe that's a critique of the films made in the 1920s? Maybe I just watched this film a week ago and can't really remember what happened?



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