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Short reviews 2

Silver Age Showcase: The 7 Soldiers of Victory #1 (July, 2000)
Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Dick Giorano

I picked this up for a $1 because I thought it was an actual old 7 Soldiers of Victory comic and with Grant Morrison’s version coming out soon I wanted to check it out. It’s actually part of a crossover from 2000. It’s okay, not great, the art’s pretty good and the villains are pretty fun, but I’m reading one part of a ten part crossover.

What if… Karen Page had Lived? (February, 2005)
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Michael Lark

This is half recap! What the hell? Also, this is totally not what “What if...?”’s are supposed to be about. I want “What if Daredevil was a mutant?” or something.

Arsenic Lullaby #7 (1999)
Story and art by: Douglas Paszkiewicz

I’ve read one issue of Arsenic Lullaby before, but I can’t remember which one it was. I think it might have been the issue before this. This comic is good though, it’s creepy and wrong in some places, but in a really funny way. This issue seems like it was put together wrong, it’s incredibly jumpy in the order of the stories. There’s one longer story going throughout the issue, but it keeps getting interrupted for two or three pages while other, random, stories get told. Still, worth looking out for.


IDW Free Comic Book Day Edition (2004)
Story and art by: lots

This has excerpts from four different comics. CSI, the Shield, 24 and 30 Days of Night. The 30 Days of Night one is the only one that seems vaguely interesting, I can’t believe the shitty art which appears in the others. I mean if you pay big money for the licences why not actually put work into the comic? Especially when your comics cost so much (I’ve wanted to check out 30 Days of Night, but it’s too pricey).

Killer Princesses #2 (June, 2002)
Writer: Gail Simone
Artist: Lea Hernandez

Several years ago I promised myself I would never buy another comic by Lea Hernandez. Why? Because I was incredibly bitter that she never released the final issue of a miniseries as an issue. You could pay to read it online or buy the graphic novel, but issue seven of Rumble Girls was never released. It just bugged me a lot. I did not, however, pay for this issue. It was pretty good. The writing’s good, though waaaay dirtier then I originally thought it would be. The art goes from really nice to kind of shitty. The variations in quality are strange.


Sorry you feel/felt that way, Matthew.

I didn't "finish" RG as a series because it simply wasn't feasible. My reasons for doing so are mine, they were good reasons. It was an incredibly hard decision to make. I knew it would upset some readers, but I also knew I was never going to please everyone.

Long after I pulled the plug on the series (which I never really wanted to do, sorry), NBM came forward with an offer to do a trade.

NBM was offering something Image could not at the time: a trade and bookstore distro. When I decided to leave Image, they did not have a bookstore distro, by the time I was fully gone, they'd hooked up with LPC and LPC had been sunk by Bank One.

I'd like to point out that while you'd "have" to buy the RG trade to find out how it worked out, the trade is a solid one-third of all-new work, and a lot of production problems with the original floppies (art, lettering mistakes) were corrected.

Anyway, hope this clears the air.
Hey, sorry I didn't reply sooner.
I really appreciate you letting me know what happened with the comic (and was shocked that both a. someone read my blog and b. the person reading it was someone I was writing about)

Your series was one of the reasons I switched over pretty much entirely to trades. The fear a series wouldn't finish (like some of the stuff I bought from humanoids) and extras in the trades made it basically unfeasable for me to buy single issues. I am a poor student. alas.

Anyway, thanks, maybe I'll check out the rest of killer princesses now...
Man, I feel your pain about series not finishing. (Or a retailer deciding not to carry all the issues, or not enough of them--I was buying comics back before the readers were encouraged to pore over the catalogs and pre-order.)

Erm, anyway, not that I can do this for everyone who's pissed about me not being able to finish RG at Image, but I feel your pain about being a po' student. (It used to take me three months to pay off layaways on $20. art books.) But, I've got plenty of copies of Killer Princesses trades. I'd be glad to mail ya one.

(email addy to divalea at gmail dot com)

P.S.: I found the blog when I was searching for something else. Coincidence? I think NOT!
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