Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Catwoman: Selina’s Big Score
Story and art: Darwyn Cook

I like heist stories, I think they’re really fun, however I didn’t find Selina’s big score to be as great as other people have made it out to be.

While the comic may be titled Catwoman, Catwoman doesn’t really show up in it. She’s there for a couple of panels in a flashback, but that’s it. What this really is is a Selina Kyle the thief comic. That’s fine by me.

It starts in Morocco where Selina has apparently spent the last of her money getting read to steal a gold cup of some sort. She succeeds, but discovers the cup is fake. Out of money and with nowhere else to go she has to return to Gotham. However apparently Selina Kyle and Catwoman are both dead? I’m not really sure what the details are. I guess she faked her own death to escape, I don’t know and this comic doesn’t really tell me.

Selina gets back to Gotham and starts looking into something that could be a big score for her, set her up so that she can do whatever she wants to. After years and years of thievery I would have assumed she’d have millions of dollars somewhere, but I guess not. Bad planning I guess. She finds out that the mob are going to trade some diamonds for heroin with some French Canadians. She wants in. So she has to get her crew (like all heist stories do really). There’s Stark, who taught her how to be a thief, but who she double crossed years ago, Swifty, who’s a fence or something, he’ll be driving the boat and another guy who’s name isn’t mentioned and isn’t really developed. That’s one of my problems with the comic, some of the characters aren’t developed that much, it’s sort of annoying.

There’s also Slam Bradley, private eye, wandering around in the background. When he first is mentioned there’s something about him looking for Selina so I think that’ll be a subplot. But it’s not, was it dealt with somewhere else? I don’t know. All I know is that he burnt his case files on her, for some reason at some point. During this comic and it’s not mentioned? Before this comic (I know there were Slam Bradley backup stories somewhere at some point)? I’m just sort of left in the dark.

The actual heist itself is sort of annoying too. It’s not complex enough for my liking, well no, it is complex. I think I the characters just found the stuff they needed for the heist too easily. Maybe what I wanted was more heist story less other stuff story. Hmm…

One of the major selling points of this story is the art. But for whatever reason I just can’t get into Cooke’s thick lines and sort of cartoony art. I think maybe it’s the colouring, it just didn’t impress me that much.

Overall this was a disappointment, I thought it was going to be good and really fun, but for whatever reason it wasn’t. Maybe I just read it at the wrong time.


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