Saturday, March 19, 2005


Milestone retrospective part ten (of ten)

Static Shock!: The Rebirth of the Cool issues 1-2 (of 4) (January – February 2001)
Writer: Dwayne McDuffie
Artist: John Paul Leon

And so the return of the Milestone universe, at least for a while. Presumably DC allowed this comic to be published because of the success of the Static Shock cartoon (which I’ve never seen). (Also, though I’m not sure of the details, because of some weirdness with the contract between Milestone and DC only DC can publish Milestone comics).

The writer for this series is Dwayne McDuffie, one of the founders of the Milestone universe and one of their major writers during their existence. The art comes from John Paul Leon, who is perhaps now better known for his work on Earth X, but was the original artist on Static. Anyway, his art here is amazing, it is, no offence to some of the excellent artists who worked on earlier Milestone comics, some of the best art I’ve seen in a Milestone comic. It’s more similar to Leon’s work on Earth X then his earlier work on Milestone comics, and it works really well here. I think that part of the reasons is the colouring, I seem to remember Earth X being a very darkly coloured book (though I could be wrong), whereas this one is much brighter, and I think it’s for that reason that the art works on a book like this.

While the name of the comic is “Static Shock,” and Static features prominently many other Milestone characters appear. In these two issues Rocket, Hardware and members of the Blood Syndicate have shown up. The story seems interesting enough, and I actually want to read the last two issues. Hmm, this review’s just sort of faltered. I think it’s because it’s half of a miniseries. I like this comic, just like I like the rest of the Milestone universe. There’s nothing else to say really.

Milestone retrospective: The end.

Coming soon? The first eight parts of the Milestone retrospective? Is it worth my time to go back and reread them all (well, some of them) and write reviews of them. We’ll see.


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